The American dream

It became to what it really is.


The characteristic of a dream is that when you experienced one and you (really) wake up,
you will come to the conclusion that it wasn’t real. It was something that was just in your mind and had nothing to do with reality.

But you know what? There are already places where the dream isn’t a dream. Places where it is reality. Places where:

  • Man and women have equal rights.
  • Where everybody has the same changes to become what they want because they have a high standard of free education.
  • Where you don’t need 3 or 4 jobs or work 80 hours a week to lead a “normal” live.
  • Where they have 4-6 weeks payed vacation.
  • Where you don’t put people outside the society because they did something you can’t cope with.
  • Where you don’t need another system or excuse to prolong slavery in a different way.
  • Where they have come clean with the past to become better humans for the future.
  • Where people really care for each other and the summit of that is called free healthcare.
  • There is a place where they don’t have a war on drugs but peace on drugs.

These are the things that are not a dream. These things happen now. And those are the things that really give you the chance to become whatever you want and whoever you want to be. Despite your background or the mistakes you have made. Places where people build a society where they care for each other.

It is what makes people real people.

And start opening your eyes to the rest of the world (you could even use the internet for that). Because reality is what you see with your eyes wide open and not in a dream.

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